The ICG Global Partners are pleased to announce the launch of a new ICG Vertical

ICG Leadership

The new vertical is a natural progression from our Global Leadership and Executive Development Practice (LED), led by Wade Azmy, ICG global partner and CEO of ICG Asia.

“The global partners recognise ICG Leadership as a distinct line of business from our core management consulting business.  But, like ICG Tax and ICG Careers, there are significant adjacencies including assisting clients to achieve their business goals. With top-shelf solutions, and the potential for executives to seek leadership and executive coaching from ICG to embrace professional growth and development to face challenges ranging from the next demanding phase of globalisation to disruptive technological change and continued macroeconomic uncertainty .”

“Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other ” John F. Kennedy

ICG Leadership has deep roots as a leading evidence-based development organisation, founded in Sydney Australia in 2002, by Wade Azmy and a group of senior executives, then expanded the operation to Singapore in 2007, and joined ICG Global in 2014 and today present in most developed countries.

Wade Azmy was driven to establish ICG Leadership as a global platform for Leadership and Executive coaches by seeing the powerful impact of ICG worldwide footprint and the talent we have attracted around the globe.

ICG Leadership delivers tailored and personalised solutions, designed and tested in different environments, maintained and updated based on evidence and client experience, and focused on delivering significant outcomes, our solutions encompass:

  • Leadership Development (strategic, operational, tactical, and people)
  • Executive Coaching (individual, teams, groups, c-suite)
  • Corporate interventions (culture, complexity, engagement, OB)
  • Coach training (manager, internal, external, professional)

ICG Leadership Difference:

  • Evidence-based methodologies
  • Integrated multi-disciplinary approach
  • Experienced Senior Executives
  • Research-based assessment technology
  • Comprehensive coaching solutions
  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Measures for success

A unique model based on three pillars and a close fit to ICG

  • Expertise: accredited leadership executive coaches, cutting edge processes and delivery excellence;
  • Agile: to meet client needs quickly regardless of scale, customisation, complexity or location – Local Teams and Global Strength;
  • Lean: to deliver the best value in the market.

Shortly, we will conduct several webinars targeting the different time zones to communicate our value proposition, products and services, offerings to ICG professionals and opportunities to become an accredited professional with ICG Leadership.

Please be in touch with us to discuss an application to your client situations, and to express interest in becoming an ICG accredited Professional at
You can also reach Wade Azmy, ICG Leadership CEO directly: