Twenty Years of Evidence-based Coaching and Onward into the Future (15th and 16th Feb 2020)

The broad theme of the 2020 Australian Conference is a celebration of 20 years of Evidence-based Coaching and an articulation of future directions, trends and leaders in evidence-based Coaching. This conference is for anyone who is interested in evidence-based coaching, its development and its future.

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Register for the fabulous Saturday evening entertainment: Old school rock ‘n roll with “The Interceptors” featuring Les Gock – Lead Guitarist, with 70’s gold record-winning Countdown legends “Hush”. The band is completed by Anthony “The Professor” Grant – perhaps better known for his work at Sydney University’s Coaching Psychology Unit. Ray Lee steers the band on Vocals and Keyboards, John Pearce holds them steady on Bass and Vocals and Tim Sprague rocks on Drums. With 3 psychologists in the band, there is an amazingly low level of dissonance, high level of flow, huge amounts of positive affect and fun – and only $18. Register for the Saturday evening entertainment at:

20 Years and Into the Future?
Evidence-based approaches to coaching have been around for 20 years. From its nascent beginnings in 2000, “evidence-based” approaches are now the key reference point for coaching worldwide.

This truly is an exciting time for those who are interested in facilitating the developing of individuals, groups and organizations through evidence-based coaching methodologies. We now have over twenty years of research evidence to show that coaching “works”.  The verdict is in. Organisations world-wide rely on coaching and coaches to help them develop and reach their goals. Where to from here?

What are the emerging areas of coaching practice and research? Where is the pseudo-science and where is the genuine science in coaching today? Who are the key researchers and practitioners to watch? What are the cutting-edge areas of professional practice?

These are amongst the issues we’ll be exploring. If you are part of the coaching community, you don’t want to miss this conference. Register as a delegate or submit a paper or presentation as a presenter – whatever you do – be there!

A Marketing-free Conference
One of the aspects of our past conferences which was highly valued by delegates is the marketing-free atmosphere. Participants appreciate that they will not be exposed to an ongoing stream of sales or self-promotional pitches. We intend to maintain this non-commercial approach. This conference is an academic and practitioners’ conference in which intelligent, critical self-reflection and the sharing of information about coaching is the central focus. There will be no marketing of products or services within presentations.

Who Should Attend?
Coaches from all backgrounds, psychologists, practitioners in Human Resources, Learning and Development, Organisational Development, Recruitment and Consultants.  Anyone who is interested in an evidence-based approach to coaching.

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