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The Neuroscience of Leadership
Wade Azmy


Practical Applications for Leaders to Succeed

Until recently, we did not understand the core science behind some leadership practices; open communication, transparency, developing trust, teamwork, employee motivation and engagement. Thanks to the technological advances in functional magnetic imaging (fMRI), we are in a better position today to understand the working of the brain, and the link to other leadership practices.

In this series, we will cover the following:

  • An overview of the emerging field of neuroscience
  • Explore how the application of neuroscience can inform leaders
  • Provide practical applications for the workplace
  • Present useful models for leaders to apply
  • Demonstrate proven methods for Leaders, HR and managers to improve organisational performance

Neuroscience and Leadership

The traditional management practices to drive performance have been challenged during the recent crisis. Join us to learn more about the emerging field of neuroscience, and how it can help leaders to succeed, employees to flourish and organisations to perform.

Date    Thursday 16/7/2020

Time    3 pm Singapore, Hong Kong and China
2 pm Indonesia & Vietnam
12:30 pm India (East)
11 am Dubai
8 am UK
5 pm Sydney
7 pm Auckland

Topic    “Neuroscience and Leadership”

Presenter  Wade Azmy
                  ICG Global Practice Leader

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Wade Azmy

Wade Azmy – Chief Editor

A Global Partner and CEO of ICG Asia Pacific and ICG Leadership global practice. In addition to his 23 years of corporate executive experience, Wade has 18 years’ experience in strategic leadership and executive coaching having supported major listed global companies in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australia.

Wade supervised the delivery of organisation-wide leadership engagement in large corporations, in a variety of market sectors; banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, information technology, telecommunication, education, construction, government public sector, not for profit and family-owned corporations. His areas of deep expertise are:

– Strategic leadership development
– Leadership executive coaching
– Coaching psychology
– Leadership and workforce engagement
– Leadership Executive Coaches training and development

Wade is an Engineer with various qualifications in corporate and business management, including a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Coaching Psychology from Sydney University.

He is also a doctoral candidate and his research is focusing on futures studies of strategic leadership effectiveness in engaging the workforce. He has trained and overseen the successful development of executive coaches in his global practice since 2003.